Our Story

Earth & Grace Founder, Racquel Goodchild

I have always been a passionate person.  This has reflected throughout my life from early childhood.  

My husband and I have always been passionate farmers.  As the years passed by our business and passion for olive oil production continued to grow.  Whilst working alongside each other for many years, my desire for a family grew and became a reality and we were blessed with two beautiful girls.  Motherhood is a gift I continue to enjoy every day.

As time passes and the girls grow and develop into their own characters, a new chapter now begins. 

Earth & Grace Skincare is a representation of my passions.  For many years, I have enjoyed natural skincare and now I am proud and privileged to have created an olive oil skincare range that uses our olive oil and natural ingredients of my choosing.

The meaning behind the name: Earth for me is the beginning of all things natural.  Farming the earth is important to me.  Both of our families have been farming for generations.  We continue to observe this same passion in our eldest daughter Georgia – the name derived from tiller of the soil; farmer; girl of the earth.

Grace, for me is the reward of nature.  We are all aware of the harsh reality of nature, however nature will always reward with much joy and beauty.  My youngest daughter Annabelle – the meaning of graceful beauty and joy.

Earth & Grace – my passion being shared through a range of natural skincare products.

Live every day, enjoy every moment.