Daily Bathing & Self Care Rituals

Daily Bathing & Self Care Rituals

Daily Bathing & Self Care Rituals

'Self-care is what we do for ourselves that reminds us we are important and need nurturing. So self nurture.' - Caroline Kremer

Make it nice
Just because we do rush our morning or evening skincare routines, doesn’t mean we have to. Start the process by lighting a candle or burning essential oils and use it as a reminder to take your time and see the potential this moment of self care has to slow us down and connect with how you are feeling. Maybe it will encourage you to linger a little longer, or take a little extra care, not only in your time bathing, but throughout the rest of your day.

The shower is your sanctuary
Too often we see showering as something we ‘get in’ and ‘get out’ off as we rush to start our day. Having a shower first thing in the morning often means that our to do lists, and tasks are swirling around in our heads. Shifting to an evening shower (or having a second) can allow us the time and attention that this cleansing part of our day deserves.

More than ever, the shower has become one of the few places we get to ourselves - with no technology or reminders to keep us out of the present moment. Learn to enjoy this time, and your connection to your body, as you feel the water massage your muscles and cleanse the day away.

Self massage
As you wash your body, face or hair remind yourself to slow down and take the time to give each part of your body attention. Focus on areas often forgotten such as toes, ankles, thighs, your chest or neck and use products that both feel replenishing and fill the space with the relaxing aroma of natural essential oils.

When washing your hair, use your fingertips to really massage into the scalp. Pay attention to pressure points at the base of the neck, top of the head and temples. When cleansing your face we recommend starting the process with a cleansing oil - this not only adds an additional level of hydration, it also allows an opportunity to really massage the skin of of your face and neck. Always work in an upward motion, using a comfortable and enjoyable pressure to spread sensations across your whole face.

Make the time to include a few minutes of breathing at the end of your daily shower/bathing ritual. Whether you choose to do this in the peace and quiet of your bathroom, or after you’ve got dressed, a few minutes to sit with your body and slow your breathe can help you to carry the relaxed state from our shower into the rest of your day or evening.